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Cut IT costs – manageIT tells you how

19. Luglio 2017

manageIT is the trade journal for CIOs and IT managers. The journal is currently reporting on the savings potential of used software on its online portal:

It can cost companies a pretty penny to keep their software completely up to date. This is frequently a problem for cities, municipalities and government agencies, for associations, social institutions, hospitals or schools. However SMEs and large enterprises also value the alternative – used software.

Used software is an option for companies of any size. In theory, small and medium-sized companies could cover their entire software needs with second-hand software. Corporations and large organisations usually replenish existing inventories with less expensive used software.

Different suppliers have specialised in the market for different software publishers and their products. This includes VENDOSOFT GmbH.

manageIT reveals online how much savings potential there is in purchasing second-hand software, how VENDOSOFT provides immediate assistance in the case of under-licensing, and what you need to watch out for when purchasing used software.

VENDOSOFT can deliver Microsoft and Adobe licenses within a few days!

Our range of products starts at five and ranges into the thousands:

  • MS Office 365 solutions
  • all current Office applications
  • Windows Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Server access licenses
  • Microsoft Visio and MS Project licenses
  • Adobe XI Standard and Professional

You too can discover the savings potential of used software!

ManageIT article

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