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DV Dialog and IT-Zoom: Voluntary license audit

18. Agosto 2017

In its 18th August edition, the trade journal DV Dialog reported on how nervous IT managers and managing directors become when Microsoft requests a license audit.

The letter might appear quite harmless when it arrives and is worded as though it is well-meaning support in optimising license management. In reality, however, the intention of the software publisher is to check whether the customer has a sufficient number of licenses for the software it is using.

DV Dialog shows:
··· what pitfalls lie hidden in software audits by the software publisher
··· how a voluntary license audit by an independent provider creates clarity and
the necessary legal certainty
··· how to remedy under-licensing in a cost-effective manner

As a specialist in second-hand software, VENDOSOFT knows how to remedy these latter issues: Upon request, we can create a complete overview of your existing servers, databases and business applications and reconcile the determined usage with the available license inventory. VENDOSOFT- customers get a complete overview of which licenses they have in stock – and which they still need in order to be licensed in a manner that is manufacturer-compliant.

If we identify shortages for a product that no longer exists in the course of the audit – or if the financial resources for expensive IT investments are lacking – we can offer a good solution with used software in order to remedy under-licensing in a manner that is legally secure and cost-effective. Often enough, however, we determine that there is over-licensing. We then buy up the unused inventories as used software and sell them as used software. In both cases, a voluntary license audit is worthwhile: It helps to save money and eliminate anxiety about an audit by the software publisher.

Complete article by DV Dialog and IT-Zoom

Support for license audits by VENDOSOFT


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