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Get the most out of your IT budget

1. Ottobre 2017

By the last quarter of the year, IT managers have long since been working on budget planning for 2018. In the process, they will have established what resources for the current year are still available. Used software helps to make the most of IT budgets and get the maximum return on your IT budget. This is because there is an enormous savings potential here.

What is used software?

Software updates, reductions in workforce or surplus licenses as a result of volume license agreements result in over-licensing in companies. If this unused software is sold, it is available on the market as second-hand software.
As a used software dealer, VENDOSOFT purchases Microsoft and Adobe licenses for commercial use and sells them to companies, public and social institutions, associations and organisations. The offer will be supplemented by new licenses and Microsoft Office 365 solutions. Hybrid solutions comprising new and used software are also offered.
Depending on the version model, VENDOSOFT customers are therefore able to save 40, 50 or even 70%.


Björn Orth, founder and CEO of VENDOSOFT GmbH, is frank about the advantages: “Purchasing second-hand software takes pressure off of IT budgets. At the same time, the sale of old licenses allows the purchaser to activate idle capital, and thus to increase their IT budget.”


When combining the purchase and sale of used licenses, a savings potential of more than 70%, is possible, as the bar chart shows based on Windows servers as an example.

What do I need to bear in mind when purchasing used software licenses?

Nothing is more feared by IT managers than insufficient licensing, which can become expensive in the event of a software audit.
This is why Björn Orth advises against online purchases. “As a respectable used software dealer, only certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals provide consulting on matters pertaining to licensing.” Orth regards this service to be self-evident – after all, very few customers have sufficient expertise in licensing law.
Serious vendors like VENDOSOFT deliver used software licenses with installation disks, a bill of sale and an invoice, confirm the proper acquisition and the complete de-installation by the original purchaser.
“This is how we ensure that all requirements are met and that our customers are safe in the event of an audit by the software publisher”, says Orth, explaining his business model.

Get the most out of your IT budget

IT managers, CIOs and the heads of companies, who are still planning the acquisition of business software until the end of the year, find used software to be an extremely inexpensive approach to IT acquisition. If they sell back existing licenses to VENDOSOFT that are consequently freed up, the purchase will even be partially funded.

Get the most out of your remaining budget:


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