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Microsoft explains how Windows 10 gathers data

7. Aprile 2017

How to avoid unwanted data collection in Windows 10

The nation has been up in arms since heise online reported on Wednesday about the “data collection frenzy” in the newest Windows 10 update. The software publisher has listed in detail what data the operating system will be collecting about its users. Björn Orth, Managing Director of VENDOSOFT GmbH, explains the options available to the user in order to avoid the unwanted disclosure of sensitive information.

With its “Creators Update”, the fourth incarnation of the Windows 10 operating system is on its way. In its privacy policy, Microsoft was unusually open about the extent to which it will collect data – and for what purpose. In addition to surfing behaviour, data collection also includes personal data, app usage, location, language and character recognition information and even product preferences. By its own admission, Microsoft uses this information to bring about an “improvement and personalization of its experiences”. Whatever that means.

Björn Orth from VENDOSOFT knows that “companies can resist the pressure to divulge data involuntarily”. The IT specialist sees the use of older software versions as an option. “The trend to blindly follow any update from the software publisher is, in most cases, neither economically nor technically justifiable.”

With the previous versions – from MS Office, Visio and Project, Windows 10 to the Exchange and SQL Servers – VENDOSOFT customers are on the safe side. Not only do you bypass the extensive data collection of the latest Microsoft products, you also save money!
That is because many people do not realise: Save up to 70% when purchasing used software! in addition, old or unused software licenses can be sold.
“It is not uncommon for our customers to refinance their investment in software updates by selling their old software inventories”, explained Orth. This is an option that companies committed to the newest products from the software publishers should also take advantage of. In this case, VENDOSOFT simply acts as the buyer of the licenses that become available.

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