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Over-licensing ties up budget reserves – reports manageIT

17. Agosto 2017

Software is an important business asset for any company – and a significant portion of the company’s assets. In its most recent edition (7-8/2017), the trade journal, manageIT, reported on the economic damage over-licensing causes as a result of inactive software licenses. Considering that, in Germany, an average of 25% of companies are over-licensed and 35% of all managing directors expect IT to increase its efficiency and at the same time, reduce costs, it starts to get interesting.

The article by manageIT shows when it makes sense to hold onto license inventories that are not in use, as well as how to increase the possibility of increasing the IT portion of sales and profits with unused software. The magazine sheds light on how Software Asset Management identifies and helps to eliminate unnecessary expenses, redundancies, and unused resources. It also scrutinises whether lease models such as Office 365 are an advisable alternative. Or whether it would be better to counsel companies to go with volume license agreements.

This is where VENDOSOFT comes in: certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals advise businesses, government agencies, associations and social institutions about optimum licensing. In so doing, these professionals examine whether there is any over-licensing and whether unused software can be sold. At the same time, they examine whether part of the existing software inventory can be supplemented with inexpensive used software.

At VENDOSOFT, the acquisition costs for used software from Microsoft and Adobe are 40-70% lower than the original price. When supplemented with the option of selling dormant licenses directly to the used software dealer, the IT budget can be increased. This allows companies to make necessary investments even in times of crisis – and at the same time, contributes to increasing profits.

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