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The Federal Office for Information Security Technology (BSI) is warning about security gaps in the Cloud

24. Aprile 2017

When you do not have to worry about Cloud security

Recently, the Federal Office for Information Security Technology sounded the alarm. It determined that more than 20,000 cloud servers in Germany use obsolete software versions. A government agency referred to this as negligent. Björn Orth, Managing Director of VENDOSOFT GmbH, knows how companies can avoid unwanted Cloud access.

Cloud solutions are on the rise in German companies. This is not without risk, as the current BSI warning shows: It discovered more than 20,000 cloud servers based on outdated versions of “Owncloud” and “Nextcloud”. Attackers could access sensitive corporate data, or, in the worst-case scenario, could even gain control of the server. Those affected include large and medium-sized companies, as well as government agencies, energy providers, hospitals, attorneys and private users.

VENDOSOFT tip: Do not store sensitive data on the Cloud

That is why the Managing Director of VENDOSOFT, Björn Orth, suggests that you should not save highly sensitive data in cloud environments.

When purchasing volume licenses for classic software, a company need not worry about security gaps.

Additional positive side effects: Assets are created within companies. If these are sold (for example, when branches are merged), financial resources for new investments can be released. VENDOSOFT is then the preferred partner and purchases software licenses that are no longer needed quickly, at a fair price, fairly and in a manner that is legally secure.

More information about the purchasing and sale of used software: HERE

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