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Warning regarding false licensing consultants

23. Febbraio 2018

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported yesterday, the police again warned against telephone scammers pretending to be Microsoft employees. By claiming that they are extending software licenses that have expired, they gain access to their victims’ computers. The callers offer a paid license renewal. The services “rendered” are billed using online banking or credit card.

Similar cases have arisen again and again in the past. This occurred most recently at the end of 2017, when fake Microsoft employees claimed that their victims’ PCs had been infected with viruses, and needed to be cleaned.  The police and Microsoft itself warn against calls of these kinds and point out that only known, trusted persons should be granted access to a computer.

In the current case, customers of the VENDOSOFT GmbH can breathe a sigh of relief:
There is no expiration date on used software and it can be used for an unlimited amount of time. VENDOSOFT customers who have purchased rental software such as Office 365 from us will be reminded in a timely manner of an extension of their software licenses. If a stranger contacts you by phone or email and asks you to extend your software licenses, under no circumstances should you do so, and never allow them access to your computer!

Süddeutsche article dated 22.1.2018

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