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16. Marzo 2018

IT-Mittelstand speaks with Björn Orth about licensing audits

According to IT-Mittelstand (edition 5/2017), time and time again, licensing audits at small and mid-sized companies result in unplanned costs for relicensing and back support.

IT-Mittelstand asked the Managing Director of VENDOSOFT, Björn Orth, three questions

Questions regarding license audit:

  • How do IT managers at mid-sized companies best arm themselves against the financial and operative risks of a licensing audit by software publishers?
  • How can you quantify the benefits of SAM tools and what are the rules of thumb regarding the economics of SAM tools?
  • What proven success formula does VENDOSOFT, as a specialist for used software licenses, provide its customers for tricky audit situations?

Preventative intervention in time for a software audit

Software publishers such as Microsoft and Adobe conduct licensing audits at the premises of their customers at regular intervals. This means that the software publisher checks whether the software used in the company actually corresponds to the number of users on the license agreements. Thus the license inventory and license requirements are compared and any existing under-licensing is identified if applicable. You can prevent this scenario with a license audit by VENDOSOFT.

Commission us to conduct a professional licensing audit at your company – before the software publisher is knocking on your door!


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