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A software licensing audit can be costly –
and may involve risks

If sub-licensing is identified during a software audit, it can quickly become expensive. This is because, in the event that licensing is not done properly, companies may be required to pay fees for the illegal use of the computer programs.

So, ask VENDOSOFT about used software before you are being asked for a license audit! We analyse your stocks and compensate for any deficits – all cost-effectively and manufacturer-compliant.

Do not know

2/3 of all companies have been requested at least once to undertake a software licensing audit.
Source: Gartner

In arbitrary intervals manufacturers may execute a software licensing audit.


Worried about a licensing audit by the software publisher?

Get prepared in advance!
With used software from VENDOSOFT, you can correct under-licensing in your
Microsoft and Adobe software inventory quickly, without complication and extremely cost-effectively.

Obtain cost-free licensing consulting at

Authorize VENDOSOFT with the execution of a software licensing audit
– long before Microsoft is knocking
on your door!

Request a VENDOSOFT audit

Competent licensing consultancy by certified
Microsoft Licensing Professionals.

Contact us today.

We are here to help you get safely through a licensing Audit with used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, no private individuals!

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