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Take advantage of our
rebuy guarantee for your software purchase

VENDOSOFT provides tradespersons the opportunity to sell new and used software acquired from us back to us. We will rebuy licenses in part or in full as you wish – within a period of three years and at a price and date agreed upon conclusion of the purchase.

Our rebuy guarantee offers tax advantages for your company:
On the one hand, you profit from assets that are converted into liquid funds at a fixed point in time, and on the other hand, on potential savings on new software purchases at the time of your resale.

Advantages of our rebuy guarantee:

  • No price increases during the term
  • Fixed asset in the company
  • Converting used software into cash at the scheduled point in time
  • savings of up to 70% on new purchases through the re-sale of your old licenses

Ask VENDOSOFT about our
buy-back guarantee for each inquiry.

Secure resale rights

Sample calculation of VENDOSOFT’s rebuy guarantee:

Imagine a new license you want costs 200 euro.
VENDOSOFT’s offer to rebuy your old license guarantees you 30 euro.
Your acquisition costs are only 170 Euro. You will save 15%.

At VENDOSOFT, you receive the same license – as used software – for 100 euro.
We buy back your old license as contractually agreed for 30 euro.
Your acquisition costs are only 70 euro. You have just saved a substantial 65% with used software!

The Microsoft Licensing Professionals at VENDOSOFT provide comprehensive consulting on optimal licensing
– and your right of resale!

Request licensing consultancy

Treat yourself!
With VENDOSOFT’s rebuy guarantee

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We are here to provide all the information you need about used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, no private individuals!

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