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VENDOSOFT answers frequently asked questions about used software for commercial use.

  • Can I use Adobe software on different platforms?
    Unfortunately no. Adobe develops software for various platforms (e.g. Mac OS, Windows, Linux) and sells these as separate products. If you wish to use Adobe software on different platforms, you must acquire a license for each platform. The serial number for an Adobe product on one platform cannot be used for the same product on a different platform. Ask the license professionals at VENDOSOFT about using used Adobe licenses! You can reach us via the contact form. You will find our Adobe products in the VENDOSOFT SHOP.
  • Secondary usage rights for used Adobe licenses
    As a purchaser of Adobe software, you acquire the right to use the software under the EULA (End User License Agreement). Comprehensive and up-to-date information on secondary usage rights for used Adobe licenses can therefore be obtained from your EULA. In summary, the following applies: As the primary user of a single-user or volume license from Adobe, which is installed on a desktop computer, you are also entitled to use the software on a second computer on the same platform (Mac /Windows operating system) or on a laptop. You cannot run the software on both computers at the same time, however.   Ask the license professionals at VENDOSOFT about used software from Adobe! You can reach us via the contact form. You will find our Adobe products in the VENDOSOFT SHOP.
  • What is the VENDOSOFT rebuy guarantee
    With the buy-back guarantee, VENDOSOFT offers you the option of returning the used software you acquire from us within 3 years of the date of purchase. We will take back part or all of the software according to your wishes - at a price agreed upon at purchase. You will find more information HERE. Ask our Microsoft Licensing Professionals about the VENDOSOFT rebuy guarantee with every inquiry for new or used Software that you sent us!
  • Does VENDOSOFT also sell to and buy from private individuals
    Unfortunately no. VENDOSOFT buys and sells used software licenses exclusively for commercial use and only sells to commercial enterprises, organisations, associations, government agencies as well as social and health institutions.
  • With volume licensing, will I receive disks, manual, etc.?
    Of course. VENDOSOFT delivers your volume licenses with disks and license folder. There are no additional costs for this. Find out about the advantages of using used Microsoft volume licenses from VENDOSOFT HERE.
  • Is there a volume discount for volume licensing
    Yes, VENDOSOFT gives discounts on large volumes of used software licenses. Request your individual offer now and ask us about a volume discount! Find out about the advantages of using used Microsoft volume licenses HERE.  
  • Can I also update used software?
    Yes. There is no difference in this regard to new software. As a second purchaser, you can also continue to obtain updates from the software publisher with a used software license that authorises updates. Ask VENDOSOFT to learn more about your rights of used software!
  • Are there any disadvantages to the purchase of used software compared to new software?
    Not with VENDOSOFT. Unlike hardware, software is not subject to wear and tear. Therefore, used licenses are not functionally different to new ones. There are no disadvantages to the buyer compared to acquiring new software. On the contrary: Some software versions that are still being used by companies, government agencies, etc., are not even available any more as new software. The secondary market for software is the only way to acquire these programs. The acquisition of used software via VENDOSOFT is both legally compliant and manufacturer-compliant. It represents an extremely cost-effective alternative for purchasing new computer programs - with potential savings of up to 70%. You will find more information and all of the advantages HERE.
  • Do software publishers need to approve the sale of used software to VENDOSOFT?
    No. According to the law (confirmed by the German Federal Supreme Court of Justice), the consent of the respective software publisher for the sale of used software licenses is not required. The copyright of the software publisher is exhausted upon the initial purchase of the copy of its software in the European Union. You can find additional legal provisions concerning legally compliant and manufacturer-compliant trade in used software HERE.

§ Case law: trading in used software

Ever since a landmark ruling by the European Councel of Justice on the legality of buying and selling second-hand computer programs, additional judicial decisions have followed to legitimise used software.

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