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Buy a Client Access license

A Client Access license generally authorises servers to accept client connections. There are various versions of CAL licenses for different servers, depending on the type of server. A Client Access license can be assigned either to a user or to a device. Experts thereby make a distinction between the User CAL and the Device CAL.

The Microsoft product range includes many products, for which access to the server software is licensed separately. Some examples are the Exchange Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 or the Microsoft SQL Server. As a result, most of the CAL licenses Microsoft have a so-called downgrade option. That means you can also use the previous version without any restrictions. Thus if you acquire a Client Access license for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, this can also be used for the 2013 version as well.

Put your company on course for the future with the correct CAL license

Handle the Windows Server CAL licensing cleverly and generate some advantages for your business. Some Microsoft suites – or, in other words, software bundles containing various programs – are quite useful in day-to-day use. You avoid expensive investments in individual licenses. With a complete RDS Client Access license, your IT department is well equipped and ready for the future.

That is because, with this CAL model, Remote Desktop Services are integrated, which enables easy remote access to desktops and individual Microsoft applications. This makes setting up remote hardware workstations very easy. By purchasing RDS CALs, you can increase the flexibility of your company and increase data security in your business.

Buy RDS CALs: Which license is the right one to meet my requirements?
Selecting the appropriate CAL license is always a question of the hardware and software being used, and the size and structure of the business.

··· A Device CAL is suitable if you wish to make a device accessible to multiple users, for example.

··· Licensing per Device CAL is always useful when several employees share a hardware workstation.
This may be the case in gastronomy, the hotel industry or in retail, among other applications.

··· A User CAL is precisely the opposite. Administrators can thereby use licensing to authorise one user for any number of
hardware systems. The User CAL grants the user permission to access the server software, for example by laptop, smartphone and
personally owned computer. Field staff in particular benefit from such user-dependent CAL licenses.
Internal staff who work more and more often from home also benefit from this licensing model.

How does this licensing work?

After purchasing a Microsoft CAL license, you can easily manage the access rights to your server. In order to do so, all you need is the 25-digit product key for the Client Access license you have acquired. An installation wizard for client access license packages walks you through the setup and input of the product key. If necessary, you can expand the access rights at this point to include additional CALs. You must activate your server for Windows EBS (Essential Business Server) before entering the product key, however. This is done on the Windows Activation menu using an administrator account.

Buy a Client Access Licence and RDS CAL at VENDOSOFT

As a specialist in used software, VENDOSOFT is the right partner when you want to buy RDS CALs. Used licenses have the same scope of functionality and generally do not differ from a newly acquired Windows CAL license. If there are upgrades to your operations, you can sell Client Access licenses that you no longer need to us – and thereby increase your IT budget. Buy your CAL license now at VENDOSOFT and benefit from used access authorisations for your servers. You can reach us at +49.8143-99694-0 or through personal consultation.

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