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Our core business:
Used volume licenses for tradespersons

Companies and organisations with more than ten computer workstations benefit from Microsoft’s volume license programmes. Buying larger volumes of used software, will reduce your IT costs significantly. You will also save on expenditures associated with software administration.

Ask the licensing professionals at VENDOSOFT about the right volume license for your company – and about our volume discount!

§ Legal note:

Software licenses from volume contracts may be sold individually. 

Legal issues

Volume licensing programmes depend on:

  • Company size and type of business
  • Number of PCs
  • Operating throughout Europe
  • Government agency, school, learning institution

Ask for consulting

Professional volume licensing consultancy

Ask us any question about your software licensing!
Microsoft-certified VENDOSOFT employees will provide you with comprehensive information on:

  • Microsoft audits and support from the VENDOSOFT legal advisors
  • Rights and restrictions of Microsoft volume licensing agreements
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) to manage your software assets
  • Software publisher-compliant licensing of Office packages, Windows, SQL and Exchange servers
  • Savings potential when purchasing used software licenses through VENDOSOFT
  • Refinancing by selling your unused software to VENDOSOFT

With every volume license, you will receive the following:

  • Disk with installation key
  • Transfer of all rights of use
  • Product delivery, invoice, manual
Licensing-documents for used software clients

A wealth of knowledge about volume licenses:
The Microsoft Licensing Professionals at VENDOSOFT

VENDOSOFT offers you the option of concluding volume licensing agreements,
including cost-free consultancy by our certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals (MLP).

We take into account your individual purchase quantity:
With a volume of 200 or more used licenses, we will provide you with a volume discount of 10%.

Volume licenses from VENDOSOFT:

  • Easy procurement and distribution
  • Transparency for your Software Asset Management (SAM)
  • Downgrade and secondary use rights
  • Reduction of your software asset costs
  • Refinancing by selling unused licenses to VENDOSOFT

Free licensing consultancy at

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We are here to provide all the information you need about used software.
Personal and professional.

Please note that VENDOSOFT only supplies corporate customers, no private individuals!

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