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Entrepreneur with values:
Björn Franz Anton Orth

After more than a decade in the automotive industry, today, Björn Orth is today committed to liberalising the software market. To this end, he founded VENDOSOFT GmbH.

As Managing Director of Aston Martin Allgäu, Orth was already fascinated with the idea of transferring the used car trade concept to the software market. When this was legalised by decisions by the German Federal Supreme Court of Justice and Court of Justice of the European Union, he already had the business plan in his pocket for a long time.

Today, VENDOSOFT supports almost 6000 medium-sized customers in all questions of licensing law. The trend is even rising, as more and more companies, creative agencies, associations and public institutions recognise the savings potential in the purchase and sale of used software.

“Comprehensive, legally-compliant customer service is top priority for me.”

In order to ensure proper licensing when trading used software, the Managing Director of VENDOSOFT, Björn Orth, relies on expertise: He and all his consultants are certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals.

Reviewed by the auditors

For the Managing Director of VENDOSOFT, Björn Orth, business integrity starts with qualified consulting and
supporting his customers during licensing audits.

Beyond that certified public accountants proof the company’s legally valid transactions of used software licenses.
The auditors act as an overarching body over each individual trade, conduct a review on the basis of the decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union, and certify the complete de-installation of the licenses by the original purchaser.


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