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License verification

18. Febbraio 2018

Have all license information ready if the occasion arises

According to media reports (IT-Direktor), only a few companies can provide information about their license situation at the touch of a button. However, IT managers and managing directors should always be able to do this even if there has been no request for a license verification!

By accepting the terms of use, companies agree to
a possible license audit by software publisher when purchasing software.

The software manufacturers are pushing the review of these licenses
in order counter software misuse more forcibly,
which infringes on copyrights and entails economic losses.



The graph (source: Gartner) shows: The percentage of companies that have already been prompted to undergo license verification 1x.

What should you do if you are facing a pending license verification?

As a rule, the software publishers announce software audits in writing and specify the basics of the license verification. The Licensee will receive a form to self-assess the IT infrastructure, existing hardware, installed software and the number of software users.

But beware! Due to the wide variety of license types, tricky contractual clauses, downgrade options for operating systems and core licenses for server applications, the risk of misinformation is high!

In order to avoid this, VENDOSOFT offers comprehensive software asset management consulting – before the auditor is knocking on your door! Even at the very first sales pitch, the certified Microsoft Licensing Professionals at the specialist for used software will provide detailed advice on:

On the safe side thanks to SAM

If the request for license verification has already occurred, the Managing Director of VENDOSOFT, Björn Orth, explains: “From CAL licenses, the distribution of software to mobile devices, to the connection of such devices to the internal server systems, we will take a close look at your software landscape.”

VENDOSOFT recommends a professional IT management solution and references the example of Docusnap. Through inventory, documentation and analysis, IT managers know at the touch of a button which software is used where, by whom and how often.

A SAM tool of this kind also allows unused licenses to be transferred to a license pool, redistributed – or sold to VENDOSOFT. This creates liquidity within the company for additional investments and allows them to transfer these licenses to the used software market so that other companies can use them at low cost.

Commission us to conduct a professional license verification at your company – before the software publisher is knocking on your door!


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